June 4, 2008

Mckenzie's graduation

Doug, Dalton & Mckenzie
Mckenzie is our first grandchild and I cant believe she just graduated from middle school. We are so proud of her and all she has accomplished in her short life. She got many awards and designed the program for her class. We love her so much and cant wait to see what her high school years will bring.

She is now a little fish in a big pond.


Vonda and John said...

Your McKenzie is beautiful! She looks older than a middle school grad. Don't tell her I said so.

Adalyn of course is growing like a weed. I loved her birthday pics. Happy Birthday Adalyn!

Vonda and Lacie

April said...

This is a great picture, you will have to get me a copy. My little baby, it doesn't seem real.