June 23, 2008

back to work

Here is another picture of my bathing beauty.
I went back to work today but not before a very exciting weekend. Leslie and I met another mom at a Chinese Culture Camp on Saturday. The girls had a great time, will post pics later. They wrote in sand, learned some Chinese and martial arts. Me and Adalyn are used to sleeping in so it was an early morning for us. We went to our son and daughter in laws house Saturday night and had a cook out with Larry & Leslie and the kids. Its nice to have family and friends in the same neighborhood. Leslie took me to Hamburg yesterday, oh my gosh, a shopping girls dream. I was telling Doug about it and he said, kinda like going to a new golf course. I never thought of it that way but I guess he's right. I've had a very busy week off and cant wait until it's vacation time again. :o)

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sara said...

Nothing like a cute girl in a bikini working on her tan!