October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

We hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween. Adalyn never did find anyone to be the "doors" for her. I'm sure she'll still be the best Snow White in town!
Adalyn learned how to whistle this week! This girl never ceases to amaze me! We where at soccer the other night and the referee did the whistle thing with his fingers. I didn't know it at the time but she asked her dad how he did that. Doug showed her and she said "I can do that". Well, a couple of days later she was doing it. My mom called me and asked me if I knew what my daughter could do, no I didn't, so she had her to whistle for me. I couldn't believe it! I called Doug and told him about it and he said she had asked him the other night at soccer how to do it. She is so smart and funny!

October 21, 2009

Soccer Baby

Adalyn is loving soccer! And mommy and daddy are too! We are so fortunate that our church offers so many things for our kids to be involved in. Dalton is helping with score keeping and watching little siblings (which is right up his alley). The kids have a memory verse to learn each week, their team gets a point point for every player that remembers the verse. Some times that is the only way we get a point. I was helping Adalyn remember hers last night on the way to church and she said "mom we have said that 4 times, now 5 times". I'm guessing she was over learning her memory verse, which she did remember! :o)

October 20, 2009

Happy Fall Y'all

I'm so late in posting these from our Moon Festival. We had a great time as always, hanging out with the moms and dads and watching the kids play. It was a little cooler than last year but everyone managed to stay warm and enjoy the fall weather. Adalyn gets so excited this time of year when we start getting everything ready. I didn't get a confirmed count, but I think we had close to 70 including kids. We had a couple of new families and that always makes for an exciting time. One family had only been home for a month. The other had came home in the summer. Its neat to talk to them and see all the excitement in their eyes and hear all their stories. The have no idea, it only gets better!
We had several families that helped out with getting things ready and bringing things to make this bigger and better than last year. Mom, Leslie, Carolin, Kelly, Cynthia, Laura Lynn, Felicia, thank you so much for all you did! We hope to have even more next year!

October 14, 2009

A Thankful Mom...thats me!

When I think about all I have to be thankful for, my kids are at the top. They make me proud ever single day. Here are a few of my I'm so thankful to be a mom moments........

* Adalyn is going to be
"Snow White and the seven doors" her words, for Halloween.

* April still calls me for advice.

*Dalton held my hand in the car while we where listening to a song we both liked.

October 5, 2009

18 Years and counting

Wow, I cant believe its been 18 years! Where does the time go?! I would do it a million times over (not sure he feels the same) :o) Oh sure he does!!!! I think! Anyway we had an amazing weekend hosting our Moon Festival. Thanks to all that came and made it a special day. There where a lot of pictures taken and I being the host, didn't have to take a single one. As long as my peeps take the pictures, I'll host. It is the best set up ever cause there are some awesome picture takers in our group!
My awesome mom is watching the kids tonight so we can have dinner, thanks mom.