October 5, 2009

18 Years and counting

Wow, I cant believe its been 18 years! Where does the time go?! I would do it a million times over (not sure he feels the same) :o) Oh sure he does!!!! I think! Anyway we had an amazing weekend hosting our Moon Festival. Thanks to all that came and made it a special day. There where a lot of pictures taken and I being the host, didn't have to take a single one. As long as my peeps take the pictures, I'll host. It is the best set up ever cause there are some awesome picture takers in our group!
My awesome mom is watching the kids tonight so we can have dinner, thanks mom.


Jboo said...

Happy Anniversary! You two make a beautiful couple!


Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I have seen a few pics from your Moon Festival. You throw quite a party. If only I weren't 5 hours away. :(

Have a wonderful day celebrating 18 years!!

Virginia and Doug said...

Aww, Happy anniversary! Have a nice dinner date, and don't rush home =).

Gin =)

Marla said...

Happy Anniversary! We will be celebrating our 18th on the 19th! :)

I saw the pics from your party, it looks like everyone had a great time!

Jodee Leader said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your dinner!

Kam said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope that dinner was yummy!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I hope you had a great dinner:)

I saw a lot of the pics on Facebook....what a party. Made me sad that I don't live closer.....there is always next year...right?

Have a great week!


Carolin said...

Happy Anniversary!!! What a lovely couple you guys are!!!

We had such a good time at the moon festival, thanks again for hosting it.

As far as pics, I did take some and have indeed gotten them downloaded but haven't had time to do much else with them. However, I was so busy visiting that I didn't take nearly as many as I ususally do!

Football & Fried Rice said...

Happy 18 years!!!! You guys still look like kids! in Love!

Lisa & Dave said...

Happy Anniversary!
Lisa, Dave, Emmy & Aidan

AZMom said...

Happy Anniversary!!!