November 16, 2009

Tis The Season *UPDATE*

Well, its that time of year that us parents are shopping to find the perfect gift for our kids. I really thought for a moment that this year I was going to get off easy, wrong. My dear 4 year old has ask for a hot item once again, whaaaaaaaaaaa! Yes, this adorable cute little 8-10 dollar toy cant be found anywhere in our area. Adalyn has been asking for a HAMSTER for a while and I have it on her list, just not in my possession. Not in any hurry to purchase the little rodent (I mean hamster), I've been busy shopping and gathering other cute little things for my pea pie. DH calls me today to ask if I had the hamster for her yet? Why no I don't, just hadn't picked it up yet. Well, he proceeds to tell me they are a hot item and I should start looking. Looking, searching, surfing, nothing! How can this be? While I do love a challenge, this is posing to be a rather hard one. Amazon has them as you can imagine for 5 times their original cost or more. I will not stoop to that level, yet. Check back in a week or so, that could change. :o)
To answer the question are they real, no, thank goodness! They "run" on batteries. But if I don't find one soon, real may be the deal. So I plead with all you Moms, please check your local toy store, call a friend of a friend, call your representative. This should be against some kind of law, not making enough toys to go around and showing them repeatedly on the television. I hope to find one of the cute little run on batteries easy to take care of rodent. But if I don't, Christmas will still happen and we will always keep His birth at the center of our celebration.

November 10, 2009

Not so scary Halloween

Adalyn is so into Snow White. She wants everything to do with her. None of the other princesses even come close. So when she wanted to be Snow White for Halloween it was no surprise. Makes my Christmas shopping a whole lot easier! I must say, I think she made quite the cute Snow White. We stopped by the Disney store and she ran up to the Snow White toys and said "look mom, she has her doors with her." Oh how she makes my heart smile!
Another Adalyn funny this week: a very good friend calls her Addy Sue May. The other night she was telling her daddy she didn't know why he calls her that, its not her name. Doug told her he couldn't help himself, he was a red neck. She said "that's right daddy, and we are blue necks." Yep, that's my little WILDCAT!