August 27, 2009


My sweet Dalton loves all things small, especially when it comes to his nieces. Sometimes it seems like yesterday he was a little guy with curly strawberry hair, running around in a diaper. And sometimes he seems like he has been here long before me. He is a strong, bright and loving young man and I'm blessed beyond words to be his mom!

August 20, 2009

Celebrating Birthdays

We took our grandson Dakota with us to Holiday World to celebrate his 12th birthday last week. The kids had a blast, well, I did too! It is the best place ever. We try to make it an annual trip. His party is Sunday at Camp HIHO. It looks like a great place to have a party. The kids will get to fish, swim and ride in boats.
We are also having a fund raiser on Saturday in Bailey's memory. Two other families are also included. One family lost their son a couple of years ago and the other is my co-workers sister who has ovarian cancer and is going to Houston next week for treatment. It's so awesome to live in a town where people come together to help one another in need. It's good to know in these times that there is still so much good and compassion in the world that sometimes goes unnoticed. There is a corn hole tournament, bake sale, silent auction and a lot of other fun things for people to do. The weather is suppose to be great both days, we are thankful for that. Hope everyone has a great weekend, we are!

Thankful for Twinkle Toes & Granny

I know, two post in one day. But I had to share this one. My mom, she is the best, and no I wont share. :o) She found these for Miss Adalyn today in our little one horse town! How crazy is that! I cant tell you how many trips I have made to the Ville looking for these cute shoes. I had stores calling all over, I mean within a 100 miles of us with no luck. They all say the same thing, sorry Sketcher didn't know they would be so popular. Well, while that may make me feel better I still have a 4 year old that it means nothing to. My co-worker even looked on line with no luck. Either they weren't the right size or not the right style. Uggggg, I told Adalyn we would find them somehow, somewhere. Little did I know but Granny beat me. Now how do you compete with such an awesome Granny? Thanks mom, we love you!!!!!!

Horse Show

This was our horse shows 20th anniversary and it was a grand one! Adalyn was in heaven! We took her 3 out of the 4 nights and I'm sure she could have done 4. She is sooo in love with a horse and they where every where. She didn't know where to look first. Now that I have her on my side, I definitely see a horse in our future. Yea for us!
Dalton volunteered for some friends of ours that has started a recycle business. That little guy worked his tail off. They where so impressed with him that they are going to let him work some on weekends when they get up and running good. He is so excited to have a job and make his own money, me too! :o)
This summer has come and gone but we have made the most of it. Spending time with family and friends and making great memories, life is Grand!
Also, notice my purse. It was the hit of the night!

August 13, 2009

Is It REALLY over?

Oh my gosh, I cant believe summer has came and went! I'm telling you, we have been so busy around here I don't even know where to start. My dear husbands birthday was Tuesday and I didn't even do a post. Here he is with three of his kiddos. Love you more than yesterday!
Does anyone know how to add a couple of hours to the day? I could sure use them. More to come.....

August 6, 2009

Your Invited

Second Annual Moon Festival

Saturday, October 3, 2009
4:00 p.m. - ?
4661 Eminence Pike
Shelbyville, KY

Please join us for all the fun!
Some of the activities planned are hay rides, marshmallow roasting, pumpkin patch with painting and a balloon send off.

I don’t have every ones email address, so consider yourself invited if your reading this. Please respond to me via email so I can confirm how many are coming. Hope to see everyone in October!

August 5, 2009