September 28, 2009

Oh Yeah I'm A Winner!!!!

Oh yes the day has come, I'm a winner! I'll be honest, I never win anything so this was such a nice surprise, yeah for me! My bloggy buddy Regina from No Greater Joys was having a blogoversary giveaway and I won the second place prize! I won a 20 dollar gift certificate from the one and only TARGET. I love me some Target so this will be well spent. Also, our Moon festival is coming up and I'm sure I could find a thing or two for it!
Thanks Regina, I love following your wonderful family. This is just an added bonus!

September 21, 2009

Birthday parties and football

We went to Miss Marlee's birthday party on Saturday. She had her party at Build A Bear and them we headed over to Max & Erma's for cake and ice cream. It was a fun filled day, we all had a great time. Kentucky played their rival Louisville in football and got a big ole W! We are busy getting ready for our Moon festival. If anybody is coming and hasn't emailed me, it's not to late. I'm planning some different things from last year and so excited. I've been researching it and found out some very interesting things. If anyone has any ideas they would like to share, I would love to hear them.

September 14, 2009


DH is on a overnight golf trip. Adalyn just talked with him on the phone and I guess she didn't realize he was staying all night.

A: whens daddy coming home?

M: tomorrow

A: you mean he's staying ALL night?

M: yes

A: WELL, I MISS MY DADDY! My eyes are getting wet

M: It's ok, he'll be home soon.

A: no, I mean I'm going to cry!

Her first day of school went good and she loves her teacher. She is a wonderful christian lady. I asked the director if she could stay all the way through 12th grade?

She just informed me she's ok now, she just needed a little cry. Oh how her daddy is going to love this story.

September 8, 2009

Firsts & Sassy Pants

We ended the summer on a great note. My dad won the state fair for the first time and my mom moved into her first brand new house. I was so excited and proud for my parents. They both are so deserving. Adalyn was so excited to see all the animals and got to sit on a sheep. She is definitely my little farmer. She loves every thing about a animal and tractor. Dalton and Dakota got to open and close the door on a limo. The limos where waiting outside for Taylor Swift fans that had gone to her concert. Adalyn was in heaven when she saw her semi trailers. She said we get to see Taylor, thanks mom! Well, not exactly, maybe next year. I have a feeling she'll be back.
Adalyn starts school tomorrow. I cant believe this is her second year. Where does the time go? She is really excited about finally going. Dalton has been back a couple of weeks and she cant understand why its not her turn. We'll see if the excitement continues through the year. I told her to do something tonight, I cant even remember what it was. She said "yes Ms. Boss." I said what did you say and she said "mom, I get it." She also says her brain is thinking of you, how can you argue with that!