August 30, 2008

Thank you Leslie

Dont walk in front of me I may not follow
Dont walk behind me I may not lead
Just walk beside me and be my friend
Thanks Leslie for being my blog guardian angel. I love my new header as much as I do you!

August 25, 2008

A Lazy Sunday

Yesterday we spend some time at our little piece of heaven. We can not wait to get moved out there. Doug is working so hard on making that happen. The kids love hanging out there just being lazy. We ride the go-cart and golf cart and spend time in the hammock. Its so nice to get away from the noise and lights of the city. I never thougth I'd say I'm ready to get back to the country (even if it's only 4 miles from town). :o)


Abigail Grace & Adalyn Gail

Watching to much Sponge Bob could lead to needing a nap. Could she be any sweeter? How could I get so lucky to have two thumb suckers. Notice Adalyn's outfit, she still had on her Sponge Bob gown when I picked her up. Thats one of the perks to staying at Granny's house.


August 22, 2008

Garden Party Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Garden Party Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!
This dress is so cute, I hope I (oops I mean Adalyn) wins.

August 21, 2008

The World According to Adalyn

I have been jotting down cute little things Adalyn says from time to time, and here are a few of them. Its amazing how you forget all the cute things they do and say.
* so whats the idea mom? you on the puter or what?
* mom, what cha doing, you doing ok?
* now whats the plan?
* This is my favorite, if she only knew how I wish I could hold her and her brother forever.
* mom, will you hold me a little bit?
* if she refers to something that has happened earlier she refers to it as "last day"
* not now, I'm upset.
This amazing little girl never ceases to amaze me. I look at her and wonder what I ever did to deserve such a wonderful child, and then remember I prayed.

August 20, 2008

Getting ready for Church

I'm on the computer getting my blogging fix and Miss Adalyn is behind me telling me to fix her hair, put my watch on, get my shoes. I guess someone is ready to go. She looked so cute on her horse with her hair down, I couldn't resist a few pictures. She is a ham for sure. She put her watch on and said look mom it's 25 hours. Now I'm not sure what time that is but in Adalyn time it's time to go.

August 15, 2008

A Hundred Years From Now

This has to be my all time favorite poem. It's a good little read when life puts bumps in our paths and reminds us how short life really is.

August 13, 2008

Cute shoes

My friend over at Football and Fried Rice has this on her blog and I thought I would give it a try. You can win these adorable shoes by going to State of Confusion blog. I love the Clara shoes and think I will order a pair if I dont win them. So hop on over and give them a look, someone has to win, I hope it's me. :o)


August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Doug

Doug and Adalyn in China

This photo catches a glimps of Dougs love for one of his children. This man is not only my soul mate but my best friend. Sometimes people will ask whats your secret? I wish there was one I could share but when you are married to the love of your life everything else just seems to fall into place. I sometimes get teased at how in love we still are and that couldn't be any truer. He has gone to the ends of the earth and back for me and I hope I can always be the kind of wife he deserves.

Happy Birthday Doug, I love you!


August 6, 2008

A busy day

Today has been a busy day for us. Its Adalyn's bff Lily's gotcha day. We went out to eat with her and had a great time. The kids enjoy each other as much as us moms.
It was an early morning for Dalton on his first day of school. He looks half asleep, poor guy. The day went good but I think he's relieved its over. He will hopefully get to bed a little sooner tonight now that his nerves have calmed downed. Its hard to believe that year after next he'll be in high school. I cant believe how the time flys by. It has been such a honor and priveledge to be this wonderful childs mom. I sometimes wonder what I did to deserve such a great child. I just hope I can be the kind of parent to him that will be pleasing in GODS eyes.

Miss Adalyn had to put on her back pack and pose for a picture and I was happy as always to do the honors of taking it. She is so excited to go to school, I can only hope that last when she starts. She has been with us for two years now and I cant imagine life before her. Was there ever a time, it just seems as though she has always been. Its amazing how GOD puts the perfect child in your life no matter how it comes to be. We couldn't be any happier and give him all the praise.

August 5, 2008

cute finds

I found these adorable banners today for pea pies room. I have looked forever and was so excited to finally found something I really love. I'm a little weird when it comes to hanging things over beds, so what ever it was had to be light weight. They where also on sale, Leslie will be so proud of me. I'm really trying to be thrifty these days. I went shopping for a dress for Adalyn where Felicia had got one for Ava and found this cute little shop along the way. I just love finding unique things. I know where I'll be shopping for Christmas presents.


August 3, 2008

Lazy Sunday

We have spent a lazy do nothing of any interest weekend, and I must say it has been nice. This is our last weekend before school starts next week. I think Dalton is a little nervous. Even though he is not new to the school, he has been told by other friends there is a lot of homework in 7th grade. The poor thing has had an upset stomach for two days. Please say a few prayers that his nerves calm down and he can get back into the groove of things soon.