August 6, 2008

A busy day

Today has been a busy day for us. Its Adalyn's bff Lily's gotcha day. We went out to eat with her and had a great time. The kids enjoy each other as much as us moms.
It was an early morning for Dalton on his first day of school. He looks half asleep, poor guy. The day went good but I think he's relieved its over. He will hopefully get to bed a little sooner tonight now that his nerves have calmed downed. Its hard to believe that year after next he'll be in high school. I cant believe how the time flys by. It has been such a honor and priveledge to be this wonderful childs mom. I sometimes wonder what I did to deserve such a great child. I just hope I can be the kind of parent to him that will be pleasing in GODS eyes.

Miss Adalyn had to put on her back pack and pose for a picture and I was happy as always to do the honors of taking it. She is so excited to go to school, I can only hope that last when she starts. She has been with us for two years now and I cant imagine life before her. Was there ever a time, it just seems as though she has always been. Its amazing how GOD puts the perfect child in your life no matter how it comes to be. We couldn't be any happier and give him all the praise.


Michelle said...

It IS amazing how God puts the perfect child in your life. So, so true!! I'm glad Dalton's first day went well (I still can't believe your school is so early!) and of course Adalyn had to wear her backpack, too. What is it with kids and backpacks?

Anonymous said...

Dalton rocks. I just love that guy, and no, I can't believe he'll be in high school in 2 years...that's so scary to think he's growing up that fast!

Thanks so much for the sweet card, you all are so thoughtful. :)

Leslie said...

Thanks for sharing dinner with us on Lily's Gotcha Day.

Dalton looks so cute and ready to go.

Bella's momma said...

God knows what He is doing when he brings the 'perfect child' into our family~ it is a perfect fit!!

have a great weekend,


sara said...

I love Lily & Adalyn's sweet big bows!! My very favorite:D

Congrats on finishing the first day of school, Dalton!

Felicia said...

I know you're so lucky to have Dalton and Adalyn. They're also very lucky to have you for a mamma!

Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

The pix are adorable! I can't imagine not having Anna Grace! It is amazing how time flies!