August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Doug

Doug and Adalyn in China

This photo catches a glimps of Dougs love for one of his children. This man is not only my soul mate but my best friend. Sometimes people will ask whats your secret? I wish there was one I could share but when you are married to the love of your life everything else just seems to fall into place. I sometimes get teased at how in love we still are and that couldn't be any truer. He has gone to the ends of the earth and back for me and I hope I can always be the kind of wife he deserves.

Happy Birthday Doug, I love you!



Felicia said...

How fortunate and blessed you both are. Happy Birthday Doug!

mommy24treasures said...

Happy birthday to your wonderful guy.

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday Doug. I hope you have a special day, for such a great guy.

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!

sara said...

happy Birthday, Doug!

I know what you mean about loving your best friend and marrying your soul mate! Isn't it wonderful!? Even when it is tough, it is perfect!

Carolin said...

Marla -

please pass along a big birthday wish to Doug from us!

Isn't marriage one of the greatest gifts in this life?


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!!! You sound like one blessed woman!