June 20, 2008

A fun day at the pool

she had to much fun
hanging out

We had a great time at the pool yesterday. Adalyn is such a little fish. I think she would have stayed all day. She feel asleep as soon as we put her in the car.
I have enjoyed being home with them so much this week. I would like to retire now and work when they are grown.


sara said...

YES!! Do it :)

Bella's mama said...


First I must say that your comment on my last post was so meaningful to me. THANK YOU!! for your kind words.

I am with Sara~ if you are able to stay home now then do it. You will never regret it nor will your children.

Have a blessed weekend,


Somewhere In The Sun said...

Cute pictures...we have those same floaties. Love the sunglasses!


Melissa said...

Oh, we need to get our little fishes together...I'm pretty sure Leah would stay in the pool all day long if I'd let her too.

I like your idea about retiring and staying home, I'm with you on that, sister sue.

Glad you got to spend a fun week home with your sweet kiddos.


mommy24treasures said...

love the pics so glad you had a fun day. Hope you enjoy the entire summer.