June 12, 2008

celebrating with friends

Dalton, Jake
Ava, Adalyn & Lily
We had a great time celebrating with friends tonight at Gattiland. It was Lily's birthday and Myranda's gotcha day. We love getting together with everyone and these where all the reasons we need. We had another birthday girl that didn't make it, Leah, happy birthday. We will be celebrating with her and Lily on Saturday. We met another great couple tonight, these are their cute kids with ours. We look forward to seeing them again. Adalyn and Dalton had a great time tonight , we have met so many wonderful people in this thing we call life, we are truly blessed.


Leslie said...

What a great picture Marla. I can't wait to see how mine turned out. I'm so glad we got to spend Lily's birthday with you guys also. I love meeting new adoption families as well. It was fun getting to know Ava and Jake, along with their mom and dad. I love all our friends, including you guys.

sara said...

I don't know what Gattiland is; but it looks like it serves burgers & home spun shakes! Glad you had a good time!