December 14, 2009

Christmas already?

Yes it's true, I cant wait until Christmas! Dalton hasn't said much about opening presents but Adalyn ask everyday. So tonight after gymnastics I caved. They where so happy with their presents, it was worth begging Doug to let them open one. He says no more opening until Christmas, we'll see! :o)
She did talk to Santa tonight at dinner, hey, I'll take what I can get at this point. She said "see mom I did talk to him and I told him what I want and that's OK if I don't sit on his lap." Yes Miss Adalyn that is quite alright.


Football & Fried Rice said...

I am so weak, myself. Which is one of the reasons there are NO presents under our tree (the other reasons if a 20# cavachon named Sophie). I would cave EVER DAY!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh yeah.... I would totally cave too!! No presents under the tree at our house either.

She is just too cute for words!!



Jboo said...

We've caved in before too -- and it is kind of nice to spread the gifts out a bit!


Virginia and Doug said...

Yeah, it would be hard to resist any request from that cutie pie, Adalyn. I haven't put any gifts under our tree yet because Kerry would be way too interested in the pretty paper and bows. They look very happy with their early gifts.

Gin =)

Felicia said...

How can you turn down Adalyn? Fun to have a little Christmas cheer early.

Carolin said...

We're just putty in their hands aren't we?!

Lindy said...

Looks like they are both enjoying the season!

Dalton looks so grown up. I'm always glad to see a child who is happy to get a book for Christmas.

And Adalyn is so expressive in her dressing. I'm sure those slippers are right up her alley!

Michelle said...

Oh yeah, looking at those two, I totally see why you caved. Cute, cute!!

Kam said...

I totally cave! I can't help it! Just love the excitement and seeing them tear into a single gift! Oh, the anticipation!