October 29, 2008

I've been tagged by Leslie and Regina. I've been trying to think of ramdon and/or weird things about myself. Its hard to think of things about yourself but here goes.
1) I can not stand to walk on smooth concrete barefooted, or touch frosted glass.

2) I dont eat or chicken or eggs. I will cook chicken for my family but would rather not cook eggs. Everyone in our family likes them but me. I can't hardly even wash dishes that they have been on. If I fix them for breakfast the plates and forks have to be washed seperate and with bleach water.

3) I always make my bed before I get in it at night. I should make it in the morning but I hardly have time to get ready let alone make a bed.

4) I dont like to stay away from home. A couple of days and I'm ready to come home. When we do go I take all my bed clothes and only take off my shoes to go to bed.

5) I dont like to be alone and require very little me time. I work about 2 miles from home and thats about all the time alone I need.

6) I hate to read, and my poor son hates it too. I wish I did and maybe he would like to read more.

7) I love, love, love to shop, for anyone other than myself. This one is probably the weirdest of all. If I could pay someone to shop for me I would.

I'm sure I could come up with a few more but these are all that comes to mind. I hope I didn't bore anyone to bad.



Leslie said...

I knew every thing about you...hee hee. I knew we were great friends.

Michelle said...

I really like this tag. I like getting to know random things about people. If we lived closer, I'd be your personal shopper. Or hey, ask Leslie. She lives close and loves to shop!! ;-)

mommy24treasures said...

I feel the same way about sleeping away from home, it seems so germy!!!!!!
I am always just coutning the days until home...