July 27, 2008

Adalyn's white teeth

Miss Hollywood
Look mom, no cavities.

Dalton and Adalyn went to the denist last week. They both got great reports. They didn't have any cavities.
This was Adalyn's first visit. She did good until the end when they tried to floss her teeth. We'll work on that. Her thumb sucking isn't a big deal right now. Dr. K said we wouldn't worry about it until she got in school and if she is still sucking it then we'll talk about it. And thats ok with me because thats one way to hold on to my little girl a little while longer, and that makes me happy.



Leslie said...

She looks so cute laying there. Such a Big girl.

Vonda and John said...

Oh my goodness Marla - you must share the trick. When I mention dentist, Lacie gets so upset and hysterical. The first visit she had was just to let her get to know the office. She cried the whole time. Maybe we can borrow Dalton?


Angie said...

I work at a dentist office and we don't have many children her age that are that cooperative! Yea Adalyn and Dalton...you are members of the "No Cavity Club"!!