July 22, 2008

Adalyn's been tagged

Adalyn's bff Lily tagged her and this was her answers.

Name: Adalyn
Age: 3
Favorite Activities: I like horsies
Favorite Food: macaroni and cheese
Least Favorite Food: grass
Favorite Music: ABC's
Favorite Toys: horsies-I think I want horsies
Favorite Book: ABC book
Favorite Item of Clothing: I like lady bug clothes
What makes you happy: horsies
What makes you sad: a little monster and the big monster

I'm not sure why all the horses but my dad will be proud. This was so much fun for me and Adalyn, thanks Lily for tagging us.



Patty said...

How cute is that?! I'm with Adalyn on not liking to eat grass either! Sounds like you might be buying a pony in the future.

Leslie said...

So funny....HORSIES...lol.

When has that girl ever eaten grass...LOL.

Thanks for doing the tag. It's fun to see what these little one's come up with.

Felicia said...

She's not horsin' around on her answers is she? So cute.

Bella's momma said...

That is so adorable!!! Get that girl a horse!!!

sara said...

Funny that she isn't interested in eating grass!! This will be a kick to look back on next year, and the year after. How precious!!

I think Adalyn may need a horsie for her next Birthday!

Michelle said...

What a cute idea to have the little girls tag each other. What cute answers!