February 3, 2009

Snow snow go away!

I'm really getting tired of the white stuff. Don't get me wrong, I like a little snow every now and then but this has gone on way to long. The kids might miss their spring break and I doubt this is the last we see of the stuff. I did enjoy being with the kids last week and sleigh riding though and the snow cream isn't bad either but when the temp gets in the single digits I'm over it. We had a ice storm on top of the snow so that made for a interesting week. It's suppose to be warmer this weekend so maybe that will get rid of some of the ice.
Adalyn has a cold and not feeling well. She is so sweet, when you ask her if she is feeling bad and she says "yes" and you say sorry she says "why, you didn't do anything". She learned her phone number and how to ride her bike(w/training wheels) last week so aside the ice it was a great week.


Michelle said...

I am with you on the snow!! Snow, snow, go away, bring me spring any day! It sounds like you got it a bit worse than us. It was bad here, but I think really, really bad there.

I'm sorry to hear that Adalyn isn't feeling well. Her response is about the cutest little thing, though. And YEAH for her learning her phone # at such a young age.

The Byrd's Nest said...

We never get snow but I can see that it would get old pretty quickly. It does make for beautiful pictures though and these are really beautiful!

P.S. I need your e-mail address for the newsletter. kimberleybyrd@sbcglobal.net

sara said...

What a big girl learning to ride without training wheels!! I hope Miss Adalyn gets to feeling better!!

Beverly said...

congrats on your award too. Snow is great for the first hour or so. Love the pics!! I also love your header!

Lori said...

I'm sure you're sick of it....it sure does make for some AWESOME pictures though. :)
Hope Adalyn is feeling better soon!

Sharon said...

I would feel the same way but I'm glad to see you all enjoying it while you can!!

About that thumb sucking...our dentist said life is too short, let them have that comfort. But if it goes on too long and you are concerned, put a fun bandaid around it and if it is there in the morning then put a star on a chart, after five stars they get a treat, toy, trip to a fun place, etc. If it is gone, don't say much, just no star.

I hope he won't mind me telling on him, but MY husband sucked his thumb unitl he was 7! They only thing that made him finally stop was the threat of his eventual wife seeing him do it! hehehe

Sharon said...

PS I forgot to tell you what a cute name i thought this post had!!

Carolin said...

Marla -

I'm with you girl, I've had enough of this stuff.

Little Adalyn is too sweet, I bet that just melted your heart.

Hang in there & surely we'll see some warmer weather before too long.

Your friend,

Felicia said...

Looks like some winter fun. I'm so behind on catching up on everyone's blogs. Thanks for the award. I'm going to have a hard time picking 8 people...I want to pick everyone :)

Jodee Leader said...

Cute snow pictures! Hurry up, Spring!