January 14, 2009

Please pray

I received a very sad call from Leslie tonight about a family who has lost everything to a fire. This family traveled with Leslie and Larry to China in 2007. It breaks my heart for anyone to go through something of this magnitude. Please say a prayer for them in the days to come. If any one has any ideas how to help this family out please pass them along. I know God is watching over them and their children and surly there is something good that will come of this.


Sharon said...

That is devastating news. I am so glad you are rounding up prayer support. I am praying!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh Marla this is terrible. This happened to us when our son was two years old....23 years ago. Just devastating. I will b praying for them.

Felicia said...

So sweet of you and Leslie to post on this family. We are lifting them in prayer.